Zach LaVoy

Zach LaVoy joined the team way back in 2003. He has been a fan of Ghostbusters nearly his whole life, and he has the pictures to prove it! Zach deals with all the public relations for the group, including handling the email and being the "voice" of the team for interviews. When he's not in uniform for the GB:CD, Zach enjoys many hobbies including watching movies, reading comic books, playing games (both video and traditional) and hosting his own internet based review show called, "The Cinema Slob". Zach resides in the western suburb of Aurora and loves to go into the city whenever possible. If you're looking for a guy to talk to about geeky things, or if you need to book the team for a gig, Zach LaVoy is ready to believe you! Just remember, no job is too big and no fee is too big! Especially since most of it goes toward worthy charities.